Incline Village Facts

  • In 1959, there were a few homes in Incline Village. The actual Boise Cascade development began in 1968.
  • Incline Village is NOT incorporated.
  • The Incline Village General Improvement District is governed by five trustees, elected every two years for four year terms.
  • Incline Village consists of 9,000 acres, 4,500 of which would have been developed if the original plans were to be completed. There are approximately 9,000 lots.
  • Elevations range from 6,225 to 7,700 feet. The average snowfall is 181 to 189 inches. There is an average of 290 days of sunshine each year.
  • Average temperatures are 30 to 32 degrees in winter and 70 to 75 degrees in summer.
  • There are (according to the Chamber of Commerce) 6,225 permanent residents in Incline Village. During the peak tourist time, it is estimated that this figure increases to 22,000 persons.
  • There are two golf courses in Incline Village. The Championship course is a par 72 totaling 7,200 yards and the Mountain course is a par 56 totaling 3,400 yards.
  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort has 23 runs and seven lifts. The Incline beaches have a total of 2,400 feet of lake frontage. There are currently seven tennis courts as well as a private tennis club.
  • Incline Village has one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, one college (Sierra Nevada College) and one private school, Lake Tahoe School serving grades PreK – 8th.
  • Tax Rate: Property is taxed at $3.29 per $100 of assessed value.

The Incline Village General Improvement District assesses the following fee for Recreation and Beach Facility Fee of $830.00 per parcel owner. The above information is in effect as of July 1, 2010. The fiscal budget year begins on July 1st of every year and is approved and voted on by the current IVGID Board of Trustees. The Recreation Facility Fee and its amenities are subject to change.